Embodied Healing

I have worked with Lahela for over ten years. We have shared as fellow teachers and educators within the Pilates, Franklin Method, massage and other healing methods. I have experienced her ability to listen and her touch. She is intuitive and can guide her clients to self healing through her insights and gentle guidance on the path to health and well being.

Submitted by Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. on Sunday, Jul 16, 2017

Lahela Hekekia's Reply

Mahalo, Pat! It\'s such a joy to know you, thank you for your kind words. I always tell people that if they happen to be moving to/near Boulder Colorado, that they need to see you! Aloha, Lahela

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Lahela Hekekia Most Recent Reviews

Suddenly I was looser and not stiff at all!

I had a very stiff lower back for a week. My stretching at home wasn’t helping but her attention to me in class was wonderful. I couldn’t get over how I suddenly I was looser and not stiff at all. Mahalo for your help.

Submitted by Gail Tamaribuchi on Saturday, Sep 02, 2017

Pumped up for a great day!

Lahela's enthusiasm and joy for Pilates is infectious. Her inspiration and attention to detail makes every session worthwhile. After an hour with her, you feel enervated and pumped up for a great day!

Submitted by Paula Harris on Saturday, Sep 02, 2017

Lahela has given me hope that I WILL stand straight again

I was seeing my orthopedic physical therapist for treatment to loosen and relax the muscles in my hips, lower back, knees and ankles. These muscles had become extremely tight as a result of the stressful lifestyle of a caregiver for many years. After several months of treatment, my orthopedic physical therapist felt that I was progressing well. She suggested trying a class with Lahela Hekekia. I go to classes once a week and in addition to that, I do various exercises from her classes during the day. She is very encouraging and makes you feel special. During the class she is watching over the students and she runs between each of us, making corrections to the exercise we are doing or adjusting the springs on our reformers. She makes each person feel important and encourages questions. She is an example of what can be done with determination and proper exercises knowledge. Lahela has given me hope that I WILL stand straight again.

Submitted by Jo-anne Kushima on Saturday, Sep 02, 2017

Testimonial for Lahela Hekekia

I’ve known Lahela Hekekia over three years, as a student in one of her Pilates classes. She has always been attentive, personable & knowledgeable. I’ve seen her help numerous individuals, always with a smile, & with thoughtful detail to each person’s specific needs & issues. She’s very professional, always positive & helpful. Our class includes many seniors, some of whom have somewhat outspoken opinions on varying subjects. I particularly appreciate Lahela’s diplomatic approach in these interactions. She doesn’t get drawn in to political or other discussions that could take away from the business at hand—Pilates. But she definitely takes time to address individual needs, but never at the expense of the broader group. This juggling—of individual and group perspectives—isn’t always easy, but Lahela always seamlessly succeeds. Lahela’s communications are very clear and her knowledge comprehensive. I wholeheartedly recommend her & look forward to taking other classes from her.

Submitted by Neil Berg on Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017

Knowledgeable and Patient

Lahela is knowledgeable in Pilates, Franklin Method and massage and uses that knowledge to best meet the needs of her client. She explains what is happening with the body and works at the level that is most beneficial, without injury. She also takes the time to suggest exercises to do at home and other therapies outside of her expertise which she thinks would be helpful. Lahela is very caring and patient, which is much appreciated.

Submitted by Sheila Knutson on Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017

Knowledgable Professional

I met Lahela while I was on vacation in Hawaii. I wanted to do some pilates, and she was recommended to me. As it turned out, I got way more than just a pilates lesson. She became a professional mentor for me. She is also a massage therapist. (I am a massage therapist and a pilates teacher) So, instantly, I could tell that she really knew her stuff. Lahela is a professional's professional. Everything she does is 110% over the top. She explains things so well. She follows up with detailed emails. She was able to see me twice during my vacation, and then followed up with a phone call when I got back home. I was so impressed! She gave me career advice/ direction that has helped shape my career. I just wish I could see her again and get more training!

Submitted by Jena Webber, The Bodyworkshop Llc on Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017

Patient with expertise

I only had a few classes with Lahela as I moved away, but really enjoyed her patience and expertise. She is extremely quick at recognizing the movements that will help you the most and I really enjoyed the classes she taught.

Submitted by Marie-christine on Monday, Jul 10, 2017

An Expert

As a physician, I was very favorably impressed by Lahela's knowledge of names of specific muscles and her knowledge of how they work, both individually and together. She is articulate and her ability to explain techniques and reasons for the exercises she recommends for problem areas is quite remarkable.

Submitted by Joan Kagawa. Md on Monday, Jul 10, 2017

I feel better and enlightened

My sessions with Lahela have been very beneficial. I have scoliosis and through Pilates, Lahela has helped me focus on how I should move the limbs of my body singularly and then together. She explains how a part of the body should work and then uses muscle memory exercises and visual word images during my sessions. This method works for me as I am a visual person. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area but when I am in Honolulu I always schedule a visit with Lahela. From my first session with her to every visit since, I leave with a better understanding of what I can do to improve and maintain my situation. After working with Lahela, I am more aware of my body positions and try to practice what she has shown me. Lahela is very patient and accommodating as she has taken the time to give me additional instructions to take home. After working with the methods Lahela has given me, I am now more aware of my body's positions and immediately make the needed corrections. She is great!

Submitted by May Wong on Monday, Jul 10, 2017

Excellent Pilates Teacher

Lahela has been my balance and bones and private Pilates teacher. She has helped me to strengthen my back and pelvis. I suffered from a compression fracture of the the lumbar. Since working with Lehela I have been pain free.

Submitted by Leatrice Chee on Monday, Jul 10, 2017


Lahela has helped my body heal from various health issues. She seems to be intuitive in her approach and is able to simply look at me sometimes and know where my body is sore/achy/hurting and why. She has helped me tremendously and I look forward to continuing my work with her.

Submitted by Kiran Syed on Monday, Jul 10, 2017

Outstanding instructor

Lahela is an outstanding instructor. Because she is trained in a variety of therapies (Pilates, Franklin Method, massage) she offers clients an understanding of body structure and mechanics plus the skills to address and help correct so many body-related issues. She can really make a difference.

Submitted by Leslie Hayashi on Sunday, Jul 09, 2017

A strong endorsement of the skills of Lahela Hekekia

I have been very fortunate to be the recipient of Ms. Hekekia's skills as a certified Pilates instructor. I am a veteran competitive outrigger canoe paddler, trail runner, weight lifter and cyclist . However, years of repetitive motion in these activities, with a few substantive injuries along the way, has resulted in an anatomical imbalance. Ms. Hekekia not only has analyzed my various imbalances - which contributed to my subtle injuries, her prescriptive repitoir of Pilates movements using equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair has taught me how to repair my imbalance via directed movement and the resulting visceral feeling is simply amazing. Immediately after a session my alignment feels extraordinary, and while it is temporal due to decades of movement that is imperfect, I have learned through Ms. Hekekia's direction and teaching how to repair this imperfect alignment I experience.

Submitted by Curt Cottrell on Saturday, Jul 08, 2017

Commitment to excellence and optimum fitness

A caring, thoughtful and expert Pilates instructor, Lahela Hekekia has been the primary reason I enjoy Pilates classes so much. She pays very close attention to form and posture to the most minute detail, ensuring that we receive only the best experience and outcome to achieve optimum fitness and wellbeing. In just a few short months under Lahela's instruction, I have noticed a marked difference in my body's leanness and flexibility.

Submitted by Diedre Chase on Saturday, Jul 08, 2017

LahelaFit is the Best!

I've known Lahela for many years and from day one meeting her I've received nothing but top notch advise, pain relief ideas, and 110% commitment from Lahela Hekekia. Even if she wasn't now a friend, she would be my pain management technique person!!

Submitted by Dina Lam on Friday, Jul 07, 2017

Lahela is great!

This past month has been my first experience in Pilates. I have always been into the intense cardio/strength training workouts with other trainers, so this has been quite different for me....needless to say, I have not been disappointed...Lahela has been especially helpful and extremely patient in her instruction and direction always following up on correct form and citing "real life" experiences (which I find motivating and useful). If I could take her class everyday, I would surely do so. Keep up the great inspiring work, Lahela!! Side note...I scored a 3 for "results" because I interpreted that to mean my results as an individual not reflective of my instructor

Submitted by G.lincoln on Friday, Jul 07, 2017

Wonder woman

Lahela is a true healer and guving service to others is so important in who she is...a perfect human being or asclose as we humans can get. Huzzah!

Submitted by Diane Condray on Friday, Jul 07, 2017

Lahela Hekekia...Special, Caring, & Excellent

Lahela Hekekia has a vast knowledge of many holistic and exercise areas, for example: Pilates, Franklin Method, Balance and Bones, and more! She is a very kins and caring instructor who always attempts to fit the session to the needs of the client at that time. She truly becomes involved with her clients and uses her extensive knowledge to work to their highest good. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Submitted by Kathie Andre on Friday, Jul 07, 2017

Stronger Body makes for Stronger Mind

I have been taking Pilates/Balance classes with Lahela for several years now. Since I began I found my strength improve, which is especially important as I am an older person. Lahela has a special way with people of accepting them the way they are and inspiring them to do better and yet asking more of themselves. She also reacts to each person quite individually according to their own specific needs. She is accepting and kind as well as having a great deal of knowledge about how the body functions. She is always giving challenging and new experiences as the class progresses. I recommend her highly as an instructor and guide to a stronger body and a stronger mind.

Submitted by Theresa J Germaine on Friday, Jul 07, 2017