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Print Posted by NutraOrgana LLC on 04/17/2017 in Herbal

Natural Sleep With Sweet Dreams


Poor sleeping habits can occur from various things such as smoking, alcohol, poor diet, stress, sugar cravings, and lack of exercise.


Good habits that support optimal sleep!

-Set a schedule going to bed the same each night

-Exercise is essential for vitality and a restful night’s sleep

-Do not watch TV before bed or in bed.  The bed is for sleeping only.

- Taking a warm Epsom salt bath before bed as this de- stresses the mind and body

-Eliminate negative beliefs that it is hard to get to sleep or that I am going to wake up many times during the night. These are negative programmed habits that you have acquired and expect them to occur each night.

- Purchase a theta sleep CD which will stimulate the theta waves in your brain for deep sleep and relaxation.

-Wait till you get sleepy to go to bed. Do not look at the clock. When your body is tired it will tell you.

One half hour before bed, drink a cup of Sleepy Time Tea to help you relax

Sweet Dreams support formula has lessened the burden on you by incorporating specific herbs that tranquilize the mind and body, as well as relax the

Muscular skeletal system.

A good night’s sleep is just around the corner

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