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Holistic Reviews

Maximizing Your Holistic Reviews For Maximum Effect

Holistic Reviews

Reviews for your business are very important, but these can also be neglected and used against you. The holistic reviews feature is a very powerful system within the Holistic Marketing platform. These also help you rank and get authority. Below you will see a tutorial video that will help you to maximize the power of your Holistic Reviews.

The reality about reviews is the fact that even though you may have many word of mouth clients, you can be guaranteed those clients will certainly check out your holistic reviews. It only takes one bad review to turn someone off from using your business. There are of course dangers that are inherent with fraudulent reviews and that is why we have gone to pain staking lengths to ensure that we have a robust and secure holistic reviews, and the best thing is that our reviews rank. Therefore, you have even more opportunities to extend and reach out into your chosen market.

Getting Holistic Reviews

No one wants to be inundated with requests and emails that look like spam. So, we have made it easy for you to get the quality reviews you deserve. All you need to do is to follow the holistic reviews tutorial and learn how it is very easy and how you can contact your current clients to ask for a quality review. It does not matter if you are a massage therapist, hypnotherapist, chiropractor or another alternative healer. The review process and feature is an amazingly powerful outreach tool. 

Consider Offering A Discount Or Offer For A Review

Ok, so you have decided to do some out reach to your clients and you are wondering how you can sweeten that pot to get yourself an awesome review. Think about offering some kind of offer for the review, this means that your client will most probably act upon that request far faster because you have offered some kind of deal for them. It could be something as simple as a discount or it could quite easily be something free such as a cheat sheet or ebook or a discount coupon for a friend and themselves. Its all about giving and serving before you are blessed with increased income. You've heard the saying - give more to get more. 

Satisfaction Promise

We'll always connect you with the best holistic therapists that meet your specific needs. As a holistic business, we guarantee to increase your online brand and market reach.

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