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Print Posted on 02/03/2017 in Holistic Health

Top Benefits Of A Massage

Top Benefits Of A Massage

Top Benefits Of A Massage


Massages are regarded as a holistic therapy not just for your body but for your mind and soul as well. It is probably the best treatment for your peace and health and these top benefits of a massage are sure to get you thinking more about your physical health. From loosening up your tensed knots to lighting up your mood, a massage can do wonders for your life. Massages date back to ancient cultures where they were used as treatment for injuries and for curing different terminal ailments. Injuries from wars and sports have always been treated with massages. It is not only one of the most effective treatments for physical and mental issues but also the most nature and safe one. Here are some of the top benefits that a massage offers:

Benefits of Massage On Pain Relief

massage benefitsRelieving pain is the foremost reason to get a massage. Whether you’re suffering from post workout cramps or chronic pain of any kind, a massage therapy will help in providing instant relief and that too, in the most noninvasive manner. The best part is, you have different types of pressure points and massage types that you can benefit from depending upon, your pain tolerance, workout routine and tissues in concern. Massages essentially make use of muscle relaxation, enhanced circulation and applied pressure to help you relieve your pain. Massages have the potential of offering reduced body aches, stiffness, muscle spasms and cramps along with complete prevention altogether, if inculcated in your lifestyle.

Massage Helps With Blood Sugar Level Regulation

Whether you are suffering from diabetes or simply looking for good regulation of your blood sugar levels, massages are here to help. Different modalities and techniques are used for creating reduction in your blood sugar levels. This allows enhanced mobility in the body. Anxiety and depression can be significantly reduced through regular massages in diabetic children.

Stress Relief

Stress can create the biggest hurdles for your life. In order for you to face life head on, you need stress management. Regular massages are a great way of keeping your stress hormone levels in absolute control. A full body massage has the ability to offer serenity, complete relaxation and even that ever-so craved for, power nap. It helps in releasing endorphins as well which is why you feel an instant uplift in your mood.  Keeping your mind at peace will allow your body increased strength as well.

Immunity Boost Is A Major Massage Benefit

In today’s world, stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition has become rather common. This ultimately leads to a weakened immune system. Massage therapy is a tried and tested way to help boost your overall immunity, this alone is a major massage benefit. Massages help in enhancing your body’s ability to defend itself from illnesses around you. Certain techniques help in increasing lymph flow along with removal of excess lymph form the body which leads to a healthier and stronger you.

Improved Posture

Massages can do wonders when it comes to your body flexibility and posture. These help in loosening and relaxing your muscles which leads to relieving of pressure points. This ultimately leads to increased motion range for your joints. A natural posture can be attained easily after a massage.

If you consider the kind of stress we surround ourselves with on daily basis, it becomes rather impossible for us to relax and keep our mind and body at ease. Massages allow us activation of the parasympathetic nervous system which leads to a good mood and an overall positive outlook towards life. From flushing your body toxins to reducing your blood pressure, massages offer endless benefits. By inculcating massages in your monthly routine, you will be able to create a healthy lifestyle allowing you to be more focuses and happy.

These are the top benefits of a massage that we think are the most important aspects to this particular holistic therapy. There are of course many more and you may want to research that or perhaps see what other benefits you get from your massage therapy.

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