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Print Posted on 03/03/2017 in Holistic Health

Signs You Need To Detox Your Body

Signs You Need To Detox Your Body

Your Body Is Screaming For A Detox Listen To It

On a daily basis, your body sends signals conveying the exact state of your health. You will experience some uncomfortable symptoms at times. At times these uneasy feelings may mean more than you know. The list below has six signs that tell you that your body is screaming for a detox.

  • Never Ending Exhaustion and Fatigue

Remember how sluggish you are in the morning until you take a cup of coffee? That is not healthy. You should wake up feeling fresh and energized. If you feel energetic about taking coffee, sugar, and other stimulants to wake your sleepy brain and stay energized the whole day, you need to detox. Stimulating your brain to rise and shine is masking the underlying problem. Fatigue and exhaustion creep in when your body fails to absorb essential nutrients to help metabolism processes. A stressed and overworked body has a sluggish digestive system. Every time you eat, you down everything in the washroom instead of absorbing essential nutrients.

A detox improves you gut’s ability to absorb nutrients. Your power cells need these nutrients to break down glucose into energy. Also, these nutrients facilitate the use of carbohydrates for energy and control its uptake. Exercise combined with smart food choices, fresh fruits and green vegetables, plus a useful detox program is what your body needs.

  • Bowel Problems


Things like constipation can mess up your gut. Compacted waste can remain and accumulate in your intestines for a very long time. You find that despite every effort you make to improve your weight and constipation problems, it is like you are doing nothing. That is your body telling you that it is unable to remove all toxic substances from your system.

Help your body get rid of impurities by cleansing your gut. A clean gut means good bowel movement and digestion. To facilitate the effectiveness of your detox program, cut down on fried diets, refined sugars, processed food, and unhealthy food choices.

  • Brain Fog and Impaired Concentration

There are many types of energy drinks, and caffeinated products; you would think everyone in America needs a drink to stay focused. If you are prone to mental fogs and find it difficult to concentrate, you need to detox. When you feel sluggish, it is very tempting to reach out for a stimulant to awaken the mind. But what you should know is that your body is begging you for a detox.

What you down in your gut determines how sharp your mind is. It is easy for the body to accumulate toxins such as heavy metals, Candida fungus, and other impurities. A useful detox program will help your body eliminate these toxins. A cleansing increases your metabolism to restore clarity and focus.

signs you need to detox

  •  Difficult sleeping

Most of us blame the lack of sleep to stress, caffeine, and anticipation. Well, these factors do cause sleeping problems. Nevertheless, we have already tackled these earlier. Consistent lack of sleep is your body begging you to help it detox. Accumulated toxins have the power to inhibit the production of melatonin the sleep hormone. You end up tossing and turning till late in the night. You wake up feeling exhausted and sleepy. Get a detox.

Detoxifying helps you restore your normal levels of melatonin. That alone is enough to get you back your natural sleeping cycle. Enough melatonin will also help you rid excess stress. Being calm becomes your middle name.

  • Sexual Dysfunction

As we noted earlier, accumulated toxins interfere with the body’s ability to synthesize hormones. That is inclusive of sex hormone testosterone and the feel-good hormone serotonin. More so, toxins constrict your blood vessels. That means that your sex organs have a reduced blood supply. When that happens, you might find yourself having erectile dysfunction. Rising for a romp in the sack becomes a problem. Instead of blaming age for your waning libido, why not believe it is your body screaming for help? You need to help your system detox.

A detox plan will restore your blood vessels. More blood will flow to the soft tissues in the penis to create an erection. Your senses will improve. You will no longer have problems with arousal or libido. Toxins can make you loathe your sexual vitality. A detox helps you get your sex life back.

  • Weight loss problem

It is almost impossible to lose weight when your body cannot even eliminate waste. You should know that accumulated fecal matter in your system can add as much as 15 pounds on the weighing scale. Also, to burn fat, your cells need to increase their metabolism rate. As we have already established accumulated toxic lowers your metabolism. Even if you decide to crash diet or mono diet, you will fight an uphill battle that you will lose. If you have tried endless weight loss programs, but you cannot seem to shed any ounce, a detox is what you need.

Cleansing your body helps you start your weight loss goals from zero. It is better to start from the ground rather than starting from a disadvantage. A detox program fires up your metabolism, get rid of accumulated fecal matter, and removes impurities that hinder fat metabolism.

 When your body tells you it needs help detoxing, you better listen. It is for your own good. If you fail to listen to it, you might start developing some serious health complications like never ending headaches, skin problems, and allergies. Also, these toxins may find their way into your brain and inhibit vital brain functions such as cognitive function. In a nutshell failing to detox can lead to premature aging and cognitive impairment.

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