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Print Posted on 07/31/2017 in Holistic Health

How to Use Video Marketing for Holistic Therapists

How to Use Video Marketing for Holistic Therapists

Holistic Therapists may be experts in their chosen field of profession, however, a lot of them find business a difficult endeavor. For many of them, the business aspect of their work is the hardest part to deal with. Managing and accounting can be such a chore, but marketing is the most difficult part of all.

Holistic businesses, specifically those of Holistic Therapists face different kinds of marketing challenges which are far more complicated compared to those of traditional businesses. One of the most effective ways to market products and services is to use video marketing.

Video marketing enables the holistic therapist to convert people from potential customers to paying customers. With the use of videos, businesses can now communicate the value of their services successfully and introduce it to new people or potential clients. You see, holistic therapists can believe that they are the best at what they do and they could be right. However, convincing other people to trust their skills and capability is another story.

Video marketing easily educates the public while entertaining them all the same time. Holistic therapists can rest assured that these presentations can keep the audience interested without even realizing that they are subjects to a marketing scheme. The video is a great way to engage the audience so you can easily invite them to listen to what you have to say.

Videos have strong potential in advertising and marketing, especially when posted on various social media platforms. Facebook, a major marketing platform, emphasized the importance of video marketing strategy. According to the company, its video ownership went up from four billion views to eight billion views per day. Holistic therapists can greatly benefit from this. Facebook is planning to improve and build more video infrastructures to serve not only entertainment but also marketing structures.

Based on a research by Syndacast, three-quarters of all internet traffic in the year 2017 will be in video format. Other studies also show that marketing emails with the word “video” in the subject line are more likely to be clicked open than those which do not. Videos also get the most retweets in Twitter.

Videos can also increase brand popularity by making your holistic therapist business to appear on Google search results. Videos usually stand out in search engine algorithms making it easier for optimization. Google owns Youtube so that makes videos more popular in the world wide web. When potential clients try to search for holistic therapists on the line, the search engine will show them a lot of results and not just the exact same keyword. As you might have already noticed, videos are now featured whenever you try to search for products and services, if they are available.

Holistic therapists may find it difficult to reach out to their audience using only simple and boring content. Well, videos are the total opposite of these two. Internet users can share and make the video be seen by their friends. It is a creative way to push referrals. This makes it an excellent tool for businesses such as holistic therapists to make their vision clear, present their expertise, showcase their services and products, broadcast news, and publicize announcements.

Videos can easily be understood because it is easy to the eye and in the brain. You see, the internet is full of useful information and well, garbage. People are most likely to retain the information that makes the most impact to them. Videos, in particular, easily register to the brain compared to simply written content which tends to crowd our memory resulting in information overload. Visual content is easier to process and much more enjoyable. Using video marketing will make a holistic therapist stand out in a sea of boring marketing content from competitor businesses.


Videos also increase brand awareness. It goes without saying that it serves useful for every stage of the customer funnel a business is currently in. People usually consult product reviews in form of videos or vlogs before they make their final purchase decision. Their decision to avail of your service as holistic therapists increases the chances for you to gain another client. According to a research by Animoto, an overwhelming 96% of consumers had a meaningful experience watching videos. They find that videos are a lot of help. Companies which use videos to market are also more trusted than those who do not.




The use of videos has been proven to be one of the best methods to market and grow businesses. Video marketing is a reliable way to make your business known as a holistic therapist. It drives traffic and engages people more effectively than other ways of content marketing. It sends the information easier and in a more entertaining way. These being said, holistic therapists can benefit a lot from video marketing.




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