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Print Posted on 02/17/2017 in Holistic Health

How To Get Massage Clients

How To Get Massage Clients

So you have finished massage school or you already have your own massage business whether in a spa, or even a mobile massage business and you want to know how to get massage clients because its competitive out there. We have developed some tips here that will help you to attract more massage clients to you. You have to be prepared to take a little bit of time to market your massage business and that starts with getting yourself noticed online and not just with your own website.

Having a website is great for you, but there are many variables and other things you need to take into account when marketing your message therapy services. Unfortunately the days of word of mouth are numbered because even when someone recommends you, the chances are very high they will search you out online. So let's get to it and show you how to get massage clients easy.

Massage Therapy Website

how to get massage clients

Ok so if you have a website, you are ahead of the game and if not, then its time to get one. A well designed website can cost you quite a bit of money to be done and optimized properly. Of course, there are plenty of free alternatives, but in the long run, they are not free and you don't have much in the way of control. Registering in Holistic Directories that can give you more than a listing, a real presence is another great way to start off if you have not got a website.

Your website should be clean, easy to navigate and have plenty call to actions to drive leads and traffic. There are sites out there that are great looking but to nothing to attract massage clients to you.

Content Marketing

If you really want to know how to get massage clients, then you need to get to grips with the reality of content marketing and though at first you may consider that to be all about writing articles, then you are both right and wrong. It's about developing unique content in many verticals that you can be found in. There are a lot of misconceptions about traffic, ranking and links and you should begin to think of these in a different way. If you have a thousand traffic hits in a month and you get no business, it really does not matter how much traffic you have. Consequently, ten good well targeted traffic hits may get you 2 massage clients you never had, so what do you think is better. Hundreds of bad links will get you no where and yet one good high authority relevant link can put you ahead of your competition. So you see, you have to think differently about your marketing strategy. Furthermore, your social channels or other verticals may get your content found by the right people who are looking for you. If you are on page one of google, it really means nothing these days because there are many other new relevancy factors that come into play and content marketing is the new seo.

How To Get Massage Clients With Good Reviews

No matter what you think, there are great reviews, bad reviews and fake reviews and you can be involved in all of these. As mentioned previously, even if you are recommended, people will check out your reviews, so you want to make sure that you have control of your reviews. Look at this link on our holistic marketing platform and see how your massage reviews can work for you with you having complete control.

How To Get Massage Clients With Video Marketing

Video marketing is another powerful way to acquire more massage clients, but take this point on board. Little cartoon explainer videos will not work for you as well as getting yourself in front of the camera. You see, people want to know who is going to help them, who can they trust that is invading their personal space. Whilst there are many methods of video marketing, Nothing is better than getting yourself in front of the camera so people can make an emotional connection with you and recognize how professional and caring you are. Be yourself, be knowledgeable and offer the solution to the problem they have. This is perhaps one of the easy ways to acquire more massage clients. The next thing you have to do is to make sure your video gets found and ranked.

Increase Your Massage Business With Coupons and Discounts 

Every one wants a discount and there are a plethora of discounts to be found on sites such as groupon, but a great deal of the issue is that you give much of your profit away. Designing and running your own coupon and discount offers within your business is easy and on htd, we make that easy for you to launch, control and promote. It is a way of gaining new clients by running discounts and coupons within your profile.


There are many ways to attract more massage clients, but within each technique you utilize, you have to be proactive in the promotion of yourself and your business within those verticals. That's why we have mad eit easy to do this within our system. Nevertheless, should you not wish to join us and we really hope you do, you can still use these tips else where and build your business. If you liked this small guide on how to get massage clients, be sure to share it with others so they can also benefit.

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