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Print Posted on 02/07/2017 in Holistic Healing

History of Colon Cleaning

History of Colon Cleaning

 As some of you are opening your minds to the world of Holistic Healthcare, I just want to take this time to say welcome.  You are about to learn some very interesting things about the ancient world of Colon Hydrotherapy,   Cleaning the bowel dates back some 500 years and is described in the Hindu Vedas, which have been proven to be the oldest medical text of all medical writings.

In the Eders Papyrus, it describes the benefits of colon health as well as the many bowel conditions for which Colon Hydrotherapy can aid in treating.  

Hippocrates, also know as the father of modern medicine referred to many ways of cleaning the intestines.

In the 1900,s Dr, John Kellogg was noted for treating over 40,000 patients.  He held the opinion that most modern doctors, when trying to  diagnose or treat patients rarely explored ones colon health,  He maintained the 90% of all disease can be traced back back to improper colon health.

In the 50,s  "colonics" were very popular in the US.  But within the span of 10-20 years most if not all colon cleaning treatments were not longer practiced as they were in most hospitals and nursing homes.

Now, as we enter what most would call the age of advancement, we are all to willing to just on the band wagon of " modern medicine" and we look to the quick fix for what is causing illness.  We rush to the doctors office to get that prescription to help us feel better.

The easy way out is not at all the best way out.  When you take the time to really think about it, you will realize what Holistic Healthcare Practitioners have known all along.  Modern Medicine is changing every day, and I am not saying that there has not been some great advances, but why does it have to change all the time.  Ancient Medicine, also know as Alternative Medicine has been treating patients in the very same way as when it first came into practice over 5000 years ago.  Why is that you might ask.......because it works.

Please look within yourself and open your mind.  Colon Hydrotherapy is not at all new.  It is not a trend, it is a proven healthcare treatment.

Below I have created a short list of just some of the symptoms that Colon Hydrotherapy have been proven to help with.

* Protruding Abdomen


*Bad Breath

*Lower Back Pain

* Over or Under Weight

*Swelling in the Legs



This list is just a very small view of the many benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy.  And in the upcoming days I will be posting even more benefits of not only Colon Hydrotherapy , but also BioMat Therapy. 

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