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Print Posted on 09/13/2017 in Holistic Health

Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work?

Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work?

According to scientific studies, the world that surrounds us and our bodies produce electromagnetic fields. But compared to technology-based electromagnetic fields these are low in intensity. Taking into account the fact that the 21st century is the era of innovative technologies, and everyone uses cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi devices and other products that tend to produce much more intensive electromagnetic fields, we need to go deep into the research to find out whether EMF is harmful to our health or not and do we really need to protect ourselves from those devices and electromagnetic fields. Since you cannot see or hear them you may ignore the fact that they can cause health issues. Many of us use cell phones and computers every day. Moreover, there are people who have Wi-Fi turned on for 24 hours a day and they don’t even imagine how dangerous it can be. Actually, if you live where there is cell phone service or power lines, for example, you are exposed to artificial EMFs.

How Are Electromagnetic Waves Dangerous?

First, let’s find out the most common dangers that come from electromagnetic waves. In fact, bioelectrical signals help to regulate many processes of the human body. Scientific studies suggest that every cell in your body might have its own EMF. On the other hand, too strong and intense artificial EMFs can harm your body and interfere with the natural way your body works. As a result, you may feel a number of pains and stress. From your sleep cycles to your immunities and DNA EMF is a seriously dangerous field to keep your body away from.

Types of EMF protection

Before passing to the common symptoms of EMF causes we may first decide the types of EMF protection products. It has been discovered that each person has a different sensitivity to EMFs. That’s why we meet several types of these products. You should know whether your EMF exposure is low or high and then decide which product is the best for you. One of the best options is the Shieldite pendant for low exposure but if you are experiencing high EMF exposure you may need a more powerful solution. There are Iyashi bracelets and pendants that can be used to provide even stronger EMF protection. The top 6 most requested providers of EMF protection devices are as follows; Spira Manufacturing Corporation, Compac Development Corporation, Magnetic Shield Corporation, Dexmet Corporation, Interstate Specialty Products, Sealing Devices Inc. You can make your choice between the offers of these providers. They come up with the best EMF devices. As for cell phones, mobile phones, and cordless phones they produce both magnetic fields and radio waves (microwaves). Most cell phone shielding devices are designed to reduce the radio waves.

Possible Symptoms and EMF Protective Devices

Chronic daily headaches, heart issues, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure and electromagnetic sensitivity are the main symptoms of EMF dangers. In order to make sure whether modern devices have an affect on your body and overall health you may pay attention those symptoms (below we’ll go into the details). Scientists have recently tested EarthCalm EMF protection products against certain symptoms they were dealing with and as a result, they have noticed total disappearance of the symptoms after using EarthCalm products (in some cases even, almost immediately). So, according to one of the users from Washington EMF devices have helped him to fight against  chronic fatigue and heart symptoms he had for the past 20 years. He tells that within two hours of wearing an EMF protection device the fatigue simply dropped away and the heart symptoms were radically reduced. Another user tells that he has been walking with a limp at times from a broken ankle years ago but when he put an ankle bracelet on the pain it was suddenly almost gone. Thus, after using the Home EMF Protection System many pains disappear.

Chronic Daily Headaches

One of the main symptoms noticed after the regular usage of cellphones, smartphones, laptops, computers and Wi-Fi is the chronic daily headache. People who opt for EMF protection products report about the disappearance of chronic daily headaches. Spending a lot of time in front of computers and in cell phones, and living and working around WiFi can be the obvious reason of daily headaches. Many customers tell that headache pain started to disappear when they began using EMF protection products. It’s actually recommended to keep these devices as far away as possible from you during free hours. Just turn off the Wi-Fi device if you don’t use it at that moment and leave your head have some rest from technology. You will soon realize that you’re not tired and fuzz-headed after a few hours spent at the computer or on smartphone.

Sleep Disturbances

Probably you now many people around you who complain of sleep disturbances. They usually don’t know the reason but they keep on complaining of stressful sleeping routine. In fact, it’s another big problem caused by EMF. People often find resolved when they try EMF products is disturbance in their sleep. This mostly happens when you have WiFi at your home or when you use your cell phone often. It’s recommended not to use computers and cellphones before sleeping. You will start sleeping easily through the night if you opt for EMF protection devices. In case, you have a terrible difficulty getting to sleep at night, whether my router was on or off you may install a Home EMF Protection System and you’ll immediately feel a significant shift in the energetic space of my home. Getting to sleep at night will become ten times easier. 

High Blood Pressure

One of the surprising reports is that the Home EMF Protection Systems able to lower down people’s blood pressure. According to one of the patients, a week after installing the Home EMF Protection System he felt that it took his blood pressure, which had been averaging 140/88 (on medications) and 160′s/90′s (off meds). After that he no longer has panic attacks and feels much better.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

People who became aware of having electromagnetic sensitivity (also known as electro-sensitivity) are probably some of EMF protection’s most impacted customers. Thanks to EMF devices they have found a solution for a normal lifestyle. Those protective devices help them live without much stress and health problems.  Imagine how hard their day is when they are so close to electromagnetic fields. It’s just a must to have EMF protection devices near.

Overall Feeling of Well-Being

Some other customers have reported they’re experiencing a general all-round feeling of greater health and sense of well-being, after using EMF protection products. You are going to feel an immediate sense of well-being as soon as you put such a device at your home or nearby. They say that although people are in a busy environment, a calm, quiet space seems to extend around them after using EMF devices. Their minds are clear, focused, awake, and they feel very present and deeply happy. This means, that almost everyone is in need of an EMF protection device as the majority of people uses cellphones, computers and WiFi every day. Start a healthy and happier lifestyle with an EMF protection.

Scientific Approach towards EMF Protection Devices

During the 1990s, EMF studies focused on extremely low frequency exposures coming from conventional power sources like power lines, electrical substations, or home appliances. While some of these researches showed a possible connection between EMF field strength and an increased risk for childhood leukemia, their discoveries highlighted that such an association was weak. Now, in our age of cell phones, wireless routers, and portable GPS devices (all known sources of EMF radiation), scientists find a possible connection between EMFs and adverse health effects. Additionally, some other studies have been conducted on adults too. They show no evidence of a connection between EMF exposure and adult cancers, like leukemia, brain cancer, and breast cancer. As a result, NIEHS offers regular education and study on practical ways of reducing exposures to EMFs. However our main question is whether these protective devices really work or not according to the latest studies. The answer is they all work on a common, BUT there is a big but; you must choose a high-quality and useful product. Actually, you need to do some research before purchasing any product and use the best one for the desired result.

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