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Print Posted on 01/24/2017 in Holistic Marketing

Best Massage Marketing Ideas

Best Massage Marketing Ideas

Take 5 With The Best Massage Marketing Ideas

As long as people work and breathe stress, there will always be a need for a good massage. But in a market almost overcrowded with massage therapists clinching your niche can be challenging. As a massage therapist, it is up to you to be creative and devise ways of earning a name for yourself. Marketing your massage business needs to be something attractive. You need to send out an informative message so that you can get a stream of regular clients at your doorstep. Lucky for you, you can take 5 with these ideas:

  • Audience Targeted Advertisement

Everybody in this decade can tell an ad from a mile away. To adapt to such an environment, people have perfected the art of turning out ads. Most massage therapists are overzealous about marketing themselves and their services. But what you need to know is what keeps your customers interested. Trust is what brings clients back. Faith is about knowing what matters to others and being ready to offer it.

So get your notebook and try pinpointing what provokes your customers. You are running a massage business. This is you making a massage-marketing advertisement. What do your clients want to hear? Something like, "Homemade healing recipes" or "How to relieve stress at home." It is not just about bringing in new customers. It is about keeping those interested in your business locked. Know what your customers love doing and give it to them. In a nutshell, advertise the right content and see your business turn around.

  • Sharing Great Content

Marketing is about reminding people of the services you offer. People forget, and reminding them that you exist, is vital. Making people remember that a massage and healthy living is critical is your job. While content marketing does most of the job, you should consider reaching out to your clients, yourself.

Why content marketing does not handle everything

massage marketingContent marketing is based on other people’s ideas. That is why you hire writers and ad creators to do that job. Third parties bring pools of ideas at your feet. Now it is up to you to devise what interest your clients. Famous bloggers like Jeff Goins and Daniel Levis send their customers newsletter on a daily basis. Why not you? Newsletters could be a way of sharing your original content written by you. Why you? You are the one who comes into contact with the client. You spend hours with them. You know them and what they do. You are the best person to lead them to healthy living.

  • Sales Promotion

In marketing, you need to realize that people want to feel pampered. People wanting a massage usually come in pairs or as a group. As such you should consider creating offers or events that suit the clients you have. However, be careful, free offers can bring your business to the ground. While it is important to reward and make your customers love you, the bottom line is that that is a business. It is not a charity organization.

Some of the best massage sales promotion includes:

  • Giving discounts to clients who bring a friend.
  • Create events that encourage multiple appointments. If most of your customers are models or girls, consider having a spa day as part of your sales promotion.
  • Support lots of self-care events or workshops. Invite clients and prospects to your event and brief them on healthy living. You can also send brochures.
  • Create contests on social media networks to create a buzz. Offer the winner a free massage. You could also try the "first to comment on this post gets a………". Sell your services to the right demo.
  • Know what other businesses offer in your locality. Then see how you can link what you offer with what they offer. For example, if there is a charity organization, why not join hands? Call a spa day and let your clients know that whatever you collect that day is for a reach-out. The best way to attract the “big fish” is through making them give to the needy. They all love charities. That is how they got to be rich; by interacting with those that matter.
  • Create Your Personal Brand

Today, visual marketing is of the essence. Businesses have perfected the art of tapping their maximum potential through the use of photo-centric sites like Instagram. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are crucial in promoting your content and offers. LinkedIn is important to maintain a client base. Instagram surpasses them. In case you have not noticed, people on Instagram are crazy about videos. Join the haze and develop your unique brand.

Create videos that are fun and educative. Show how people how to do a simple workout. Make a video about how your business “massage” people. Let people see how to prepare a recipe. Show them how to dance to relieve stress. Massage business goes hand in hand with healthy living and fitness. So give people some DIY recipes, lifestyle listicles, and home-made remedies accentuated with clear, finger licking and amazing images. Show them what they are missing. The idea is making them trust you enough to be willing to give you a chance.

  • Join a Local Directory

In an overcrowded market, you need help creating a name for yourself. Listing with an established list enables customers to find you in real time. To grow, you should be willing to spend or invest in your strategies. Walking alone is not that encouraging. However, a directory or content marketing suite walks in hand in hand with you. Here is what you get when you list your business with a pool of like-minded individuals:

  • Help you build your personal brand. They will teach you how to make interesting videos and images to promote your business. A directory becomes your brand manager.
  • An established list makes your URL a relevant search result that pops up when somebody searches for the service you offer.
  • They will provide you with the content for your marketing strategies. A real directory usually has a pool of writers that provide unique, original, and informative content.
  • Online holistic directories will make sure that clients find you in real time. With the links they give you, any client interested can reach you anytime. Marketing is about letting potential customers know where to find you. A directory does this for you.

Now you have what it takes to market your massage business. Remember that when new clients come, ask them for contact information such as email addresses. Emails are critical for extended market reach with your newsletter. Know how to import contacts from social media. Give your customers the best services so that they become your referrals. Referrals built greatness. Massage marketing is about creating unique content and strategies that capture proprietors. Try these techniques and see yourself to the top.

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