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Print Posted By Abundant Living with VO on 07/28/2017

New Virus Caused By Tick Bites

New Virus Caused By Tick Bites

There is a new tick born virus invading our country.  Just like Lyme disease, it can present like the flu, and most people tend to ignore the symptoms until the virus has fully taken hold of your body, and started causing serious issues.  The more we can know in advance of a possible issue, the better off we will be in preventing these viruses from taking up residence in our bodies.

Over the past 10 years the Human Powassan Virus a.k.a. (POW) has infected at least 75 people throughout the US, mainly in the Northeast and Great Lakes Regions.  

The disease, although rare, is serious, and can lead to encephalitis in humans.  Unfortunately, there is currently no Powassan virus cure or known medical treatment for eradicating the infection.

The symptoms vary from individual to individual, and can be deadly in serious cases.  It is estimated that 10-15% of people who contract the virus will not survive it due to inflammation in the brain and other health complications caused by it.

What is The Powassan Virus?

Like Lyme disease, Powassan is caused by a person being bit by an infected tick.  The virus usually causes flu-like symptoms and can also effect the nervous system, which is what leads to encephalitis.

The virus was first found and named in 1958 in a small town in Ontario, Canada.  A small child contracted encephalitis, and POW was identified as the cause.  

There are 3 different kinds of ticks that carry the Powassan Virus, but it is the Deer Tick that most often bites humans and spreads the virus.  

What is The Difference Between POW and Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is more common.  It infects an estimated 300,000 people each year in the US.  

Lyme disease is also caused by the black-legged tick.

Similar to POW, people have contracted Lyme disease mainly in the Northeast and Upper Midwest areas of the US.  

Lyme disease symptoms vary depending on the individual.  However, they typically start with a rash and flu-like symptoms such as:  fatigue, headaches, muscle and joint pain.  If it is not treated, Lyme disease can lead to inflammatory responses in the body and cause symptoms associated with auto-immune diseases.  There are more treatments available for Lyme Disease.

Is Powassan Contagious?

POW is not contagious because even after being bit, humans don't develop high levels of the pathogen responsible for causing the virus in their bloodstream.  Humans are known as what is called "dead end hosts", which means the spread of the virus ends with us.

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of The Powassan Virus?

Here are the symptoms usually related to Powassan:  fever, headaches, weakness, vomitting or nausea, confusion and memory problems, dizziness/instability/loss of coordination, difficulty walking and talking, seizures, and the most serious symptoms are meningitis and encephalitis.

Natural Remedies to Help Alleviate/Prevent Powassan

Because the POW virus causes constant inflammation in the body, which leads to a weakened immune system, it is crucial that you boost your body's immunity as much as possible on a daily basis not only to help alleviate symptoms from conditions such as POW, but to prevent it from taking hold of your body in the first place.  

Here are some key things recommended to protect your immune system:

1.  Eat an anti-inflammatory diet.  This means eating as clean and fresh as possible so that your body gets the nutrients it needs to help prevent micro-nutrient deficiency at the cellular level, which is the main cause of almost all disease in the body.  This means eating a diet high in fiber and anti-oxidants from plants and vegetables.  It is also helpful to include healthy fats such as Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids (from wild caught fish), avocados, and etc...

2.  Improve your gut health.  80% of your immunity is found in your gut, therefore, the health of your gut is critical to the overall health of your body.  Our digestive system needs very specific things in order to function properly.  Two of the main things are probiotics and digestive enzymes.  Because we cook most of the food we eat (even our vegetables) and the large majority of the produce we buy and eat has been stripped of its' natural nutrients, the natural enzymes needed by the digestive tract to procure all the nutrients from our food are absent.  Therefore, unless we add these back into our daily diet routine, our body's are not obtaining the required amount of nutrients needed to properly maintain our health.  This is where I recommend a food enzyme supplement to aid in this.  The next must have on a daily basis is a probiotic.  We all should have 500 species of bacteria in our gut.  Our bodies need this bacteria to maintain optimum health.  Again, due to the modern day diet, exposure to toxins, and environmental factors, too many of us do not have the good bacteria that we need for our health.  This is why everyone needs to add a probiotic supplement to their daily diet.  However, not all probiotics are created equal.  It is important to take a probiotic supplement that does the following:  delivers at least 5 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures, is sourced in a clean/all natural way, and is time released so that the bacteria releases in the intestines where the process for extracting nutrients for food takes place, and not the stomach.

3.  Get plenty of sleep.  If we are fatigued or weak, it makes it harder for our bodies to fight disease.

4.  Manage stress.  You've heard the saying "stress will kill you"?  The expression came about because it's true.  Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, so it is critical to keep stress under control.  Try stress relievers such as :  light exercise, yoga, praying, reading, and etc...

5.  Prevent dehydration.  As much as the body needs nutrients, it also need water to function optimally.  So drink plenty of water on a daily basis and eat foods high in water content such as:  leafy greens, melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, apples, and etc...

6.  Supplements that might help you feel better include:  omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, Vitamin D3, magnesium, and Frankincense essential oil.

Prevention is always the best medicine.  Not only is having a strong immune system in the first place so ta virus can't take hold of our bodies good prevention, but wearing an all-natural (non-toxic) bug spray will help prevent tick bites that can cause this disease.  

Here is a recipe for a Homemade bug spray that you can use:

- Organic Witch Hazel

- Apple Cider Vinegar

- Eucalyptus essential oil

- Lemongrass essential oil

- Terra Shield oil blend

- Arborvitae essential oil

- Purify essential oil blend

Add 2 Tbsp witch hazel, 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, 10 drops eucalyptus oil, 10 drops Lemongrass oil, 15 drops Terra Shield blend oil, and 5 drops Purify essential oil blend to a 16 oz glass spray bottle.  Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water.  

Here is a list of supplements and essential oils that I recommend having in your arsenal to treat issues such as discussed here: 

1.  Lifelong Vitality Pack (vitamin multi-pack)

2.  PB Assist

3.  Terra Zyme (food enzyme complex)

4.  Terra Shield essential oil blend, Purify essential oil blend, Eucalyptus essential oil, Arborvitae essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, and Frankincense essential oil.  In order to meet the requirements listed above for optimum health, I recommend buying the above products.  

These can all be found at www.mydoterra.com/vickiobrien.  

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