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Print Posted By Lahela Hekekia on 09/25/2017

Lahela's Spine Class -- Pilates and More! Debuting in Kailua, Hawaii!

Lahela's Spine Class -- Pilates and More!  Debuting in Kailua, Hawaii!

Aloha everyone!  I'm so excited to talk about my newest class.  It's called (drum roll please):  Lahela's Spine Class:  Pilates and More.  

You can find us in a lovely boutique studio called Kailua Pilates and Wellness Center, on Oahu.  The classes here are small -- no more than 3-4 people -- so you get a lot of attention.  And you also get a nice view of the mountains, a private bathroom with full shower, and there's also a Day Spa room for Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, and more.

What makes this class a Spine Class?  I'm glad you asked...

Perhaps you've seen some of my previous blogs and articles.  I love working with Scoliosis and helping people reduce/avoid pain because it's My Story.   I do this through a highly modified Pilates, blended with Osteopathic Sciences; specialty exercises learned from my Physiotherapist, and therapeutic massage techniques.  (Yes I can do this on myself, and I often will incorporate this within a Pilates lesson).  Besides being certified by the Pilates Method Alliance and STOTT PILATES®,  I am Board Certified through NCBTMB (307766-00) and have a state license to practice massage therapy (MAT#6286).   

Clients in this class have more than Scoliosis -- some have other spinal issues such as Spondylolisthesis -- a forward-slippage of a vertebra.  Some have not been diagnosed with Scoliosis -- they simply find that my therapeutic blend of Pilates, Osteopathic Sciences, and  Therapeutic Massage techniques make them feel better.  And yes, we use props, including that little green band you see in the photo...

That's really my joy -- if someone walks out saying, "I feel so much better!" 

While I have done occasional workshops for Scoliosis, this is my first weekly class.  I started it on September 21, 2017 with a number of regular clients who have seen me for several years.  A number of them have even posted reviews, but I won't tell you which ones, haha. As demand for this class rises, I will add more.  

How does one get started?  Well, we don't start with a group class, ordinarily.  I would like to see you in person for a consultation and ideally at least two private lessons, so that I can help get you started with the tools you will need to start changing your spine.  Check it out -- I have put out a  LIMITED EDITION coupon  for that introduction.

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