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Print Posted By Hypnoteyes on 01/15/2017

Hypnosis For Fertility

Hypnosis For Fertility

Do you deserve Infertility? 

Have you suffered enough?

Can you use hypnosis to get pregnant?

The one thing most women look forward to at some point in their life is having a child. For most women, it is something that comes as naturally as breathing, but sadly for some, it can become the hardest achievement in the world and seemingly impossible.

With the latest breakthrough’s in science; modern medicine can do wonders and has helped millions of women to have children, but at what cost?  What if there was a more natural way?

We all know chemicals are never a good thing, but many times we are so desperate for what we want we are willing to take the risk of poisoning ourselves, to be able to have a child. Thankfully there is a holistic way to better fertility.

Using Hypnosis To Get Pregnant

Using Hypnosis we can clear any mental blockages that are preventing pregnancy and allow the woman to heal completely and ensure she is ready for motherhood.

Once a client has had all the necessary medical issues ruled out with various testing, we need to look at the physiological reason too. Being a Hypnotherapist for over ten years, I have seen this time and time again, sub-conscious issues can and do prevent pregnancy, all because of a belief system they concluded when they were younger.

Failed Pregnancy

One example is a client who had been pregnant when she was younger, now cannot become pregnant, although medically everything is fine.

On talking to her I found that earlier in her life, she had been pregnant four times and had all of them terminated. I do not know the reason why this happened and it doesn’t really matter, but what was important was the fact she suffered terrible guilt over this, in the back of her mind she did not deserve to have a baby because she had “killed” four of her own.

Regression Therapy

During her regression to deal with this issue, we uncovered the reasons behind the infertility, Her mother had made her have the terminations, because it was against their religious beliefs, Although my client was aware she had made a mistake in getting pregnant so young (fifteen) the first time, the loss of the baby was devastating and she had willingly got pregnant the other three times in the hope she would be able to keep the baby, she had even left the home and moved out so her mother wouldn’t have control, but sadly because she was very young she could not care for herself and always ended up back at home where it was a condition of her safety, terminate, or your homeless.

So as you can see my client was dealing with many negative emotions and guilt being one of them.

Her belief system was that she was unworthy of having a child.

Once we worked through the guilt she felt and bitter resentment towards her mother she was able to let go of those and forgive herself for making a mistake, understanding now she is in a wonderful place in her life with a supportive husband and now totally independent from her mother and financially ready and able to have a child and provide everything that child needs.

Now she is 5 months pregnant and doing wonderfully.

So if you know any women out there who are trying for a baby, who have been cleared medically - mention this story to them and it may just be enough for them to call and make an appointment, and uncover the real truth behind the situation and deal with it effectively, and being instrumental in getting that woman ready for motherhood and being able to really enjoy those 9 months and of course the long awaited arrival of the baby they always deserved.

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