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Print Posted By Shelley Overton on 03/29/2017

How Astrology Can Help You

How Astrology Can Help You

Astrology can seem like a foreign entity. It has symbols and icons that we may not understand. As an astrologer who has studied astrology over 40 years, I realize that most people are not really familiar with the benefits of astrology. While it does have a mysticism of symbology to it, astrology is a wonderful means of understanding behavior, inclinations, and upcoming events. Astrology is made up of the symbols that relate to the planets, and constellations in the sky. It, also, relates to archetypes that are associated with different human behaviors. From this standpoint, it is similar to archetypes in psychology.

What Can An Astrologer Do For You

A well-trained astrologer can take your birthdate and translate that into behavioral patterns, life events, and upcoming situations you may encounter. Most people have a strong interest in their personal story. Astrology can decipher how people have treated you over time, what effects that treatment has created, and also gives a great insight into what you can do about it, how long that will take, and the bumps along the way.

Take, for example, the event of Mercury, the planet of thought and communications, turning retrograde. This means that mercurial influences are affected. Mercury rules communications, which means phones, computers, and writing. It can also rule other forms of technology, and even contract signing. If you have an astrologer that you see, they can tell you when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, where it will affect you and your day-to-day life, how long those effects will happen, and when they will end. Most people who are not aware of astrology go about their daily lives interacting with the influences of the planets, but not knowing that there are actual energies that do affect why things happen. Astrology can take the randomness out of why things are happening the way they are. Astrology has the word logic in it, and it is logical, but it can also be intuitive. When you combine the skill of being able to read the chart, with the intuition of understanding not only human behavior but the artistic interaction of influences planets and the zodiac came here, you can glean a deep knowledge, and predictive tool from astrology.

So, back to our Mercury retrograde. Say a person is an Aries, Mercury transiting through the sign of Aries, which is the sign of action and physical exertion, inclines a person to speak without thinking, or even speak in anger, a hallmark of the Aries expression. When Mercury retrogrades in Aries, there is an awareness of how words can wound. Emergency workers can be affected, or even events which are connected to emergency workers and police may occur.

Your Astrology Guide

For someone who has not interacted with astrology before, it may seem intimidating. A good astrologer will put their mind at ease. Almost everyone knows their birthday. Most people know their Sun sign. Astrology is so much more than just a Sun sign. While the Sun does have a strong influence on a person, and, in astrology, rules their sense of self, and ego, it is only one of many planets in the solar system which had a position in the zodiac the day they were born. This means that we can move beyond just the ego, and learn a bit more about feminine nature - Venus, masculine nature - Mars, what to do about career - Saturn, what are your greatest dreams - Neptune, and so much more. The planets express energy based on a collective archetypal agreement. Energy that was problems when planets were discovered can also influence the archetypes. Taking an astrology class can help understand the symbology.

The study of astrology is an ongoing learning event. Even after 40 years of study, there is still so much more to learn. The asteroids are gaining popularity as another means to decipher human behavior. With astrology, we find a different way of expressing symbology, and another way to decipher the experience of day-to-day living. With a good astrologer, you will find insight, wisdom, guidance, and even someone who cares what happens in your world...a friend. 

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